Magus Docs


A common issue we see with DaaS projects is a lack of sustainability. Our team at Magus, after doing extensive research, will be implementing the following to promote stability and sustainability for the long-term.
Token Tax
When we first launch, MAGUS token will have a 20% sell tax. This will be split between the treasury and development wallets. Everyday the tax will drop by 2%, until we reach our planned tax (1%).
Presale 50/50 Split
Presalers will be receiving their allocation in both tokens and nodes at a 50/50 split. This will reduce any potential sell pressure by 50%+.
Node Claim Tax
When claiming MAGUS token rewards from your Nodes, you will be subject to a 10% claim fee. This fee split between the rewards pool, (8%) treasury (1%) and development (1%).
P2P Node Trading Platform
One of the things that makes Magus Nodes stand out will be our revolutionary P2P trading platform. This will allow our nodes to be tradable. You can buy, sell and trade your Magus Nodes for USDC. How does this add to our sustainability? We will have a small platform fee that will go to the communities treasury, and in future look to assist other projects to access our platform, resulting in our ecosystem growing and Magus generating more funding.
NFT Boosting
Down the road we will be introducing NFTs with a fantastic use-case. Users will be able to stake their NFT to "boost" their Node rewards. The exact % will be announced closer to the NFT launch. This will benefit the sustainability of Magus Nodes by raising capital to fuel development and the treasury, rewarding early adopters + loyal members of the community, and offering another product in our ecosystem.
The treasury will be one of the most valuable assets our ecosystem has. By growing our treasury, it enables Magus Nodes to invest in other projects in the CRO ecosystem, as well as stablecoin LP farms for low risk, high rewards yield. From these profits, we can then perform buybacks of MAGUS token, purchase Nodes off the P2P market to resell (with the profits going straight back to the treasury) and create partnerships with other projects. The treasury will not just be limited to tokens though. A strategy team will be put in place to look at everything, from NFTs to DeFi.