Magus Docs


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    Are the team planning KYC, Doxx and security audit? The team is planning to do a private KYC and security audit. Some of our core team are already publicly doxed.
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    How did the team meet and what's your experiences within the crypto space? Our team has been collaborating with each other over the past few years, helping projects reach the masses. We have grouped together to make one of the biggest Node projects on $CRO, Magus.
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    When are we launching? We will be launching in early to mid May.
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    Any particular reason why you opted for Cronos chain? Cronos is a well known token with a ecosystem that has not yet hit the masses. Being scalable and backed by a huge company means it'll grow to huge numbers. We fully expect this and as people migrate to $CRO, one of the biggest existing projects on there will be us!
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    Are you planning to lock liquidity? Liquidity will be locked for 1 year upon launch.
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    What treasury investment types are you planning? Our main goal will be to invest in $CRO and projects built on $CRO to support the ecosystem we have chosen to be our home. We will also stake stablecoins to have a risk-free investment in our treasury.
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    Will the treasury wallet be multisig with community member(s) as an authority? We will be getting a multisig for the treasury, with members of our team and community member(s) holding authority.
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    Where are tokens distributed during node creation? Tokens will be distributed to the rewards pool, treasury and developmental wallet. With majority going towards the rewards pool to promote sustainability within the project.
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    Will there be a claim tax? We are looking at a 10% claim tax that will be distributed to the rewards pool, treasury and developmental wallet.
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    What makes this node project sustainable over time? By recycling tokens via people purchasing nodes/claim fee, as well as clever investments via our treasury, we aim to keep Magus Nodes running for a very long time.
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    Will there be a presale event and will funds be used for initial liquidity? We will be running 3 rounds of whitelist and competitions. Each round will have the same benefits and have the same max contribution. We will also be giving out a free node to whitelisters who contribute a certain amount ($500). Funds raised will be used for initial liquidity, expanding the team, and initial treasury funds for the community.
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    What are the benefits of joining the whitelist? Whitelisters will be able to buy into Magus Nodes before launch. This means whitelisters have the opportunity to get $MAGUS token at launch price! As well as this, whitelisters will also have the ability to get a free node if certain requirements are met?
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    What is the maximum contribution for the whitelist? The maximum contribution for whitelisters will be 1000 USDC/DAI/BUSD. For those who contribute half or more will also recieve a free node on launch.
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    What will be the launch price of $MAGUS token? The planned launch price is $1 per token